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Measure the strength of people's feelings and why they feel that way

Diagnose issues and get actionable insights by analyzing more than survey responses

When it comes to their work lives, what really matters to people is how it makes them feel. These feelings then drive what people think, say and do. To uncover actionable insights, we process survey responses through our proprietary algorithm and produce a profile for each respondent on seven spectrums of feelings, each with a positive and a negative dimension.

Scores that are positive demonstrate that a person will have active positive engagement in their work. Active positive engagement creates high performing individuals, and with enough active positive team members, an organization will foster a culture of high performing teams. Opposing scores on the negative dimension indicate that a person will have active negative disengagement in their work leading to mistakes, stagnation and low productivity.

An image showing the spectrum of our seven key feelings: Excited, Fulfilled, Proud, Valuable, Rewarded, Safe, and Contented, with both a positive and a negative scale

MindLode analyzes how people respond to a broad range of issues, measuring the strength of their feelings – both positively and negatively – so we are able to identify issues accurately and advise on their relative importance, which provides actionable insight you can use to prioritize interventions.

Segmentation tailored to your specific needs

Unlike most engagement platforms, we tailor the segmentation section of the survey specifically to suit your organization so that we can identify issues specific to your structure and report findings down to individual team and department levels. We can provide insight on diversity and gender measures, and by function, tenure, level of management responsibility, employment status, remote working – anything that you require. Our approach is successful in organizations of all sizes, from start-ups with just a handful of people to major corporations with tens of thousands.

Rich verbatim feedback complements and enhances the analysis

The MindLode survey includes detailed verbatim feedback on what people most like and dislike about their working life, which provides additional color and corroboration to the data analysis.

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