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Client A put great effort towards building new office space, best-in-class benefits and outstanding wellness programs. Despite significant investments in these programs and a robust change management structure, there was a high level of resistance and growing frustrations manifesting as low retention and reduced productivity. Prior to engaging MindLode, the hypothesis was that increasing awareness and participation in these programs would generate higher employee satisfaction, reducing churn and negativity. The team was prepared to invest six figures in an internal communications campaign and to "double down" on expensive employee wellness programs.

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Client A's Core7 Profile identified appreciation for the high quality benefit programs and a strong sense of purpose because employees believed they are able to help customers. Frustrations were identified with outdated technology, slow and complex decision making, and increasingly high productivity expectations, especially with understaffed teams. Contrasting experiences were also identified between new hires and tenured employees, pinpointing people at high risk of regrettable turnover.

Rather than the initial plan of investing more heavily in costly benefit programs, communications were refocused on progress being made in systems and equipment and a new cross-functional innovation committee was formed. Special orientation sessions and a new job shadowing/mentorship program now takes advantage of the valuable positive feelings in long-tenured staff, reducing regrettable turnover by improving interpersonal connections.

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