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The right people in the right jobs
with the right mindset are your biggest competitive advantage

Improve hiring, retention, and performance with actionable employee insights

Nothing is more powerful than people who do something because they want to do it

Disengaged team members alone cost the world's organizations $7.8 trillion. By measuring feelings rather than outcomes, MindLode shows you how to activate and motivate teams to create a dynamic culture with higher productivity, better retention and more successful new hires, ultimately improving overall business performance.


What people feel drives what they think, do and say

We’ve spent the past decade studying the motivations and frustrations of talent across more than 100 organizations and 20 countries. Our research has identified seven core feelings that drive everything that people think, say and do in their working lives.
Learn more about our Core7 Feelings Framework

Measure what matters

85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace despite billions being spent on programs to attract, keep and engage talent. Negativity and churn are increasing because organizations are measuring the wrong things in the wrong way. Our process identifies opportunities to create active engagement across teams to improve productivity, retention and hiring.


Understandable reporting with clear direction 

69% of employees would work harder if appreciated more, but what should you adjust to engage your best talent? MindLode provides actionable insights because it separates issues of purpose and culture from operational procedures and daily experience, revealing not only how your people feel but why they feel that way.  


Try it yourself

Interested in seeing your

MindLode Core7 Feelings Profile?

Find out how you feel in less than 15 minutes.

What people are saying

“We’ve run these sorts of surveys for years but they are largely box-ticking exercises that never tell us anything meaningful. We’re now replacing that with MindLode going forward because finally we have stuff we can action.”
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