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Why does our approach succeed where others fail?

Most engagement platforms measure mechanics, like what people do, say or think

MindLode measures how people are feeling and - more importantly - why they feel that way, which drives everything they do, think or say

Most engagement is explored from the organization's point of view rather than the employee perspective, often evaluating employees rather than seeking to understand them

MindLode starts with the employee's perspective and focuses on how work fits into their lives, uncovering details about motivations and frustrations

Most surveys use formal, impenetrable phrasing that is toned more for board rooms and company reporting rather than to gain valuable insights

MindLode eliminates confusion and uncovers opportunities by using straightforward, everyday language every respondent understands

Most approaches are limited to only what happens at work

MindLode explores the broader context in which working life unfolds and how this impacts their feelings about their organization

Most measurements assume there are universal  ideals for both people and organizations that we should all aspire to

MindLode recognizes that each person and organization is unique, and that finding a match between both can lead to true fulfillment


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