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We'll be in touch soon and look forward to helping you understand how your people feel and why they feel that way

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What to expect next...


We'll connect on a quick call

This conversation helps us understand your business and your biggest pain points so we create an impactful approach.


We'll assess how MindLode fits into your organization

Every organization is unique and we're extremely flexible. We can adapt to build on existing solutions, customize to paint a clearer picture, and augment your existing team to reduce the lift.


We'll create a plan and schedule based on your goals

Our project roadmap will outline the steps to execute within your timeframe while detailing deliverables to ensure you get everything needed to make the work actionable.


Survey launch and analysis

Once data is collected from your people, we use our proprietary algorithm to create your MindLode Core Feelings Profile. That's just a fancy way of saying we help you understand your people better based on the feedback we receive.

leading to better employee insights than you've ever had before...

A black and white picture of Andy Anson, CEO of the British Olympic Association and Team GB
British Olympic Association logo with a red and blue lion head in profile and the five olympic rings

"Understanding the positives and the negatives has meant we can take specific actions on specific points to make people feel that we're addressing and improving the environment."

Andy Anson

British Olympic Association

Savannah Round Logo.png

"One of the benefits is that it's actually really engaging. We had some really positive feedback from our employees about taking part in the survey. It was very thoughtful and allowed people to be quite truthful in their answers."

Gayle Carter
Head of People & Culture

Savannah Group

chris witherspoon.jpeg
DNA Round logo.png

"I think there are a lot of issues that have come up over the last three years. MindLode does a great job of getting to the heart of those issues and helping inform leadership about how to  address them."

Chris Witherspoon


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